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Wells Fargo, The enterprise chief in virtual banking, has done a Balanced Scorecard in its on line financial services group (OFS) to tune and measure normal performance. The OFS group develops and Wells Fargo, the enterprise chief in electronic banking, has implemented a Balanced Scorecard in its online financial offerings group (OFS) to track and measure universal overall performance. The OFS group develops and enables offerings that allow gift and future banking customers to carry out transactions thru the net. the ultra-modern department faces speedy change and must make investments closely in new era and inside the development of modern services and products. OFS changed into finding it difficult to stability the want for a clearly articulated approach and measurable desires with the flexibility required in its dynamic surroundings. Wells Fargo had a lifestyle that embraced monetary metrics. but OFS manipulate believed that its industrial organisation could not be measured and evaluated on the idea of monetary metrics on my own. for example, the institution emerge as no longer yet profitable, however it provided a essential detail to the financial group’s lengthy-time period technique. The OFS organization believed that the Balanced Scorecard could allow them to increase a hard and fast of blanketed, multidimensional measures to evaluate overall performance toward its desires and to talk and replace its method in a changing environment.

Mastering objectives

To allow college students to discover the characteristic of the Balanced Scorecard measurement system in an entrepreneurial, all of sudden developing, era-extensive commercial enterprise. to use facts approximately the operations and economic drivers of the web monetary offerings (OFS) employer at Wells Fargo to make bigger a Balanced Scorecard for OFS.

Preferred facts

1. Litigationhold

as disclosed in the records Memorandum below “fabric Litigation”, there are not any governmental, criminal or arbitration court docket instances (which includes this type of courtroom instances which may be pending or threatened) of which the company is conscious that might have, or have had throughout the 12 months previous to the date of those Admission details, a huge impact on the economic position or profitability of the organisation.

2. Massive/fabric

alternate considering 31 March 2019, there has been no full-size change inside the economic or buying and selling function of the issuer. considering the fact that 31 December 2018, there has been no fabric adverse trade in the prospects of the provider.given that 31 December 2018, there has been no material unfavorable trade within the prospects of the Guarantor or the group. given that 31 March 2019, there was no tremendous exchange within the economic or trading role of theGuarantor or the institution.

PRICING Supplement, DRAWDOWN Information MEMORANDUM AND supplement

in this section the expression “vital statistics” means, when it comes to any Tranche of Notes, the statistics vital to enable investors to make an informed assessment of the property and liabilities,economic position, profits and losses and potentialities of the issuer and the Guarantor and of the rights attaching to the Notes. with regards to the different sorts of Notes which may be issued underneath the Programme, the issuer and the Guarantor have included in this facts Memorandum all of the essential statisticsexcept for records regarding the Notes which is not recognized on the date of this statistics Memorandum and which could most effective be determined at the time of an individual difficulty of a Tranche of Notes.Any records relating to the Notes which is not covered on this statistics Memorandum and that is required so as to complete the important records in relation to a Tranche of Notes could be contained both in the applicable Pricing supplement or in a Drawdown records Memorandum. Such records might be contained in the relevant Pricing complement, except any of such facts constitutes a huge new aspect referring to the records contained on this facts Memorandum in which case such records, together with all of the other essential facts in relation to the applicable collection of Notes, may be contained in a Drawdown information Memorandum.For each Tranche of Notes the Pricing supplement will, for the functions of that Tranche handiest, supplement,amend and/or replace this statistics Memorandum and should be examine in conjunction with this records Memorandum. The phrases applicable to any precise Tranche of Notes are the phrases of the Indenture as supplemented, amended and/or replaced to the quantity defined within the applicable Pricing supplement.inside the case of a Tranche of Notes that is the subject of a Drawdown information Memorandum, everyreference on this facts Memorandum to statistics being specific or identified in the applicable Pricing supplement will be study and construed as a connection with such information being special or identified within the applicable Drawdown statistics Memorandum unless the context calls for in any other case following the instruction of this information Memorandum a complement can be prepared through the company and the Guarantor. Statements contained in one of these supplement (or contained in any record integrated via reference therein) shall, to the extent applicable (whether expressly, by way of implication or in any other case), be deemed to alter or supersede statements contained on this records Memorandum. Any declaration so modified or superseded shall not, except as so changed or outdated, represent a part of this information Memorandum.The provider and the Guarantor will, inside the event of any massive new factor, fabric mistake or inaccuracy regarding information blanketed on this information Memorandum that is capable of affecting the assessment of any Notes, put together a complement to this facts Memorandum or put together a new statistics Memorandum for use in reference to any next difficulty of Notes.


Notes may be sold on occasion by means of the provider to someone or more of Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, Wells Fargo Securities worldwide constrained or another dealer appointed occasionally through the provider and the Guarantor in appreciate of the Programme generally, or on the subject of a Tranche of Notes mainly (together, the “sellers”). The arrangements beneath which Notes can also now and again be agreed to be sold by using the provider to, and purchased by way of, sellers are set out in a fourth amended and restated supplier settlement dated 19 September 2018, as may be amended now and again (the “provider settlement”) and made some of the issuer, the Guarantor, Wells Fargo Securities, LLC and Wells Fargo Securities worldwide restrained. The supplier agreement makes provision for the resignation or termination of appointment of existing sellers and for the appointment of additional or other sellers both commonly in recognize of the Programme or in relation to a selected Tranche of Notes. If inside the case of any Tranche of Notes the approach of distribution is an agreement among the company, the Guarantor and a single dealer for that Tranche to be issued by the issuer and subscribed by that supplier, the method of distribution might be described inside the applicable Pricing supplement as “Non-Syndicated” and the name of that supplier and every other hobby of that provider that’s fabric to the issue of that Tranche beyond the fact of the appointment of that supplier might be set out in the applicable Pricing supplement. If within the case of any Tranche of Notes the technique of distribution is an agreement between the provider, the Guarantor and more than one dealer for that Tranche to be issued through the issuer and subscribed by way of the ones dealers , the approach of distribution can be described in the applicable Pricing complement as “Syndicated”, the obligations of those sellers to subscribe the applicable Notes may be joint and several and the names and addresses of these dealers and any other pastimes of any of these dealers which is fabric to the issue of that Tranche past the fact of the appointment of these sellers might be set out inside the applicable Pricing supplement. this kind of settlement will, inter alia, make provision for the form and terms of the applicable – Notes, the price at which such Notes can be bought with the aid of the sellers and the commissions or different agreed deductibles (if any) payable or allowable through the company in recognize of such purchase.


The status quo of the Programme changed into authorised by using resolutions adopted by means of the board of directors of the company on 25 April 2018 and by way of resolutions followed by way of the board of administrators of the Guarantor on 24 April 2018. every of the provider and the Guarantor has acquired or will acquire from time to time all important consents, approvals and authorisations in connection with the difficulty and overall performance of the Notes and the giving of the assure relating to them.

Criminal Entity Identifier

(“LEI”)2. The LEI code of the company is 549300B4EK2P191S8U08. three. The LEI code of the Guarantor is PBLD0EJDB5FWOLXP3B76.

Felony and Arbitration

proceedings four. shop as disclosed in this statistics Memorandum beneath “cloth Litigation“, there aren’t any governmental, legal or arbitration complaints (consisting of this sort of complaints that are pending or threatened, of which the issuer or the Guarantor is aware) which could have, or have had for the duration of the 365 days previous to the date of this information Memorandum, a good sized impact at the financial function or profitability of the issuer or the Guarantor and its subsidiaries.


each provider has represented, warranted and agreed that (to the satisfactory of its understanding and belief) it hascomplied and will observe all relevant laws and regulations in each usa or jurisdiction in or from which it purchases, offers, sells or offers Notes or possesses, distributes or publishes this records Memorandum or any Pricing supplement or any associated supplying cloth, in all cases at its own expense.different men and women into whose hands this statistics Memorandum or any Pricing complement comes arerequired by the provider, the Guarantor and the sellers to conform with all applicable laws and guidelines in every united states or jurisdiction in or from which they purchase, provide, sell or supply Notes or possess, distribute or post this facts Memorandum or any Pricing supplement or any related supplying fabric, in all instances at their personal cost.The supplier agreement affords that the sellers shall not be sure with the aid of any of the regulations relating toany unique jurisdiction (set out above) to the quantity that such regulations shall, as a result of alternate(s) orexchange(s) in respectable interpretation, after the date hereof, of relevant laws and regulations, not be applicable however with out prejudice to the responsibilities of the sellers defined in the paragraph headed”general” above.promoting regulations may be supplemented or modified with the settlement of the issuer and the Guarantor.the sort of complement or amendment can be set out in the applicable Pricing complement (within the case of acomplement or modification relevant best to a particular Tranche of Notes) or in a supplement to this statistics Memorandum.

Sizable/material alternate

When you consider that 31 December 2017 there was no fabric adverse alternate within the possibilities of the provider. 6. on account that 31 December 2017 there has been no material adverse exchange inside the potentialities of the Guarantor. when you consider that 30 June 2018, there has been no massive change in the economic or trading position of the Guarantor or the organization.


The consolidated economic statements of the Guarantor as at and for the years ended 31 December 2017 and 31 December 2016 have been audited according with the requirements of the public enterprise Accounting Oversight Board (united states of america) by KPMG LLP, an independent registered public accounting company.

Wells Fargo affiliates

Wells Fargo Securities, LLC, which for the purposes of the Programme acts in the capability of an Arranger in addition to a supplier, is an affiliate of the issuer and the Guarantor. Wells Fargo Securities worldwide restrained, which for the functions of the Programme acts in the capability of a dealer, is additionally an associate of the provider and the Guarantor.

Documents on show

Copies of the subsequent documents may be inspected all through ordinary business hours at the desired workplaces of the predominant Paying Agent in London for twelve months from the date of this facts Memorandum:(i) the certificates of Formation and the restrained legal responsibility organization settlement of the provider;(ii) the Restated certificate of Incorporation of the Guarantor;(iii) the audited consolidated financial statements of the Guarantor as at and for the years ended 31 December 2017 and 31 December 2016;(iv) the Indenture;(v) the provider agreement;

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